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Do you know the custom manufacturing process of tin boxes?
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Many people may not understand the production process of tin boxes, the following we will tell you the production process. If you are interested in these products, please come to us to order the tin boxes you want.

First of all, before the order is confirmed, it is necessary to confirm what kind of material is selected, including the type and size of the tin material.

The second step is the printing of tin materials. The printing department is responsible for printing the pattern color on the surface of the tin foil.

The third step is cutting, first check whether there is any stain or scratch on the surface of the tin sheet. This is to affect the qualification rate of the tin can later.

The fourth step is stamping molding, which is a process of making tin sheets into tin cans.

The last is to sort out the packaging, check the quantity of defective products, and check the quantity of packaging.

All our tin boxes are made of high-quality tinplate. The advantage of this material is that it is very easy to shape. Therefore, it can be made into any tin box you can imagine. In addition, you can choose the tin can size and volume you like. Whether you are looking for small customized tea cans, candy cans, cosmetics cans, larger biscuit cans and tea cans, or other types of tin cans, our company can customize them.

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